NJSC Consignment Auctions

(New Jersey State Contractors)

Auction Liquidation Services has been promoting NJSC for nearly two decades.  A great marketplace for area contractors, commercial, vehicle, transportation, rental equipment companies, lending institutions, and government agencies to buy and sell vehicles and surplus equipment.

Auction Liquidation Services accepts consignments during normal business hours throughout the year by appointment.  Consignments will be staged in our monthly online auction at our new location on Bismark Road in Jackson, NJ. (see directions)

Low Consignment fees are based on the selling price of the item and are calculated as follows:

  • Rolling Stock
  • No Listing Fee
  • $165 flat sale fee per vehicle
  • No Sales Fee $75
  • 10% non-vehicle of selling price

Auction Yard Drop-Offs:

  • Monday thru Friday until 5pm
  • Call to schedule an appointment

Stefan – 732-693-2539 or
Steve – 732-682-0708
Email: stefan@auctionlistservices.com

All consignments with Auction Liquidation Services are offered free nationwide advertising on the internet, AuctionZip, Rock & Dirt, Email Blasts, Ad Publications and Flyer promoting the online auctions.

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Live Auction

Need a Complete Liquidation?

Too much equipment to move to our location? Auction Liquidation Services can supply the manpower necessary for a complete auction set up. You just need to supply the equipment and the location to make the auction a success. We will work with you to ensure that all of your needs are met and that all equipment is staged and ready for the auction. Auction Liquidation Services will then conduct a live auction. Our experienced staff will provide you with the advertising, marketing, cataloging and service that you deserve. With 20 years experience you will be in good hands.
Please call us today for a quote to having your own auction at your own location.

What To Expect On Auction Days

Online Auction

There has never been a more convenient or less expensive way to sell your excess equipment. Auction Liquidation Services offers low competitive rates and the advertising is included. Whether it is one piece or an entire liquidation, we are looking for your consignments. Items may be sold at your place or ours.
Our online auction consignment includes the online listing, on-site inspection and photos. Let’s get started today!

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  1. I, the undersigned (owner/consignor), engage the services of Auction Liquidation Services as my agent to sell the items set forth at an Online Public Auction. I further agree not to bid on items myself or thru others on my behalf.
  2. I certify that I am the owner and will deliver all of the titles of the vehicles/equipment to the auction company.
  3. Auction Liquidation Services will be charging a Buyer’s Premium of 10% to be retained by the auction company.
  4. I certify that the items consigned are not subject to tax liens, collections or encumbrances and further authorize Auction Liquidation Services to satisfy from my proceeds any such encumbrances that may appear.
  5. I agree to pay the commission listed herein which is to be paid by the consignor to Auction Liquidation Services and may be deducted from the proceeds.
  6. Reserve Seller agrees to pay a $75 no sale fee for items that are not sold.
  7. Auction Liquidation Services agrees that net proceeds will be paid to the consignor within 10 business days after the end of the sale.
  8. I agree to keep insurance on all vehicles/equipment until it is removed from the auction site.
  9. Removal of all equipment not sold must occur within 3 business days. After 3 days there will be a storage fee of $25 a day per unit.
  10. I agree Auction Liquidation Services will assume no responsibility for any casualty including and not limited to fire, theft or vandalism.
  11. I agree to pay the commission rate listed below on any advertised item that was removed from the Auction by my choice. The rate will be based on the items estimated value.
  12. I agree that all vehicles and equipment advertised as running /operating must do so on delivery to the buyer.
  13. Commission Rates- There is a flat $165 commission rate on all vehicles. (Autos, Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles, RV’s & Heavy Equipment)
  14. All miscellaneous merchandise, palletized and small items, etc will be a 10% commission on the gross sale.  We will only accept certain merchandise on selected auctions.
  15. The sale will be nationally advertised through email and on AuctionZip.com.
  16. There will be a No charge online listing fee.
  17. All vehicles must be in good running order and have no oil leaks.
  18. There will be a $25 Title handling fee. Title hand in deadline is 3 days prior to auction ending (No salvage or Pre Salvage accepted). 300 Commerce Drive, 1st Floor, Tinton Falls, NJ 07753


IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are going to consign to this auction, please call us immediately at 732-682-0708.
This way we can take photos for the website and brochure for maximum exposure.


Questions, please call 732-693-2539 or email: info@auctionlistservices.com

  • Reserve AmountArrival Date & TimeYearMakeModelVin#Mileage/HRsTax (Y/N)Title (Y/N) 
    Your arrival date & time MUST be stated. If you would like to add more than 1 lot, please click the + sign.

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